R2 Apartment - Vinhomes Royal City 

R2 apartment building in Vinhomes Royal City includes 35 stories with total of 30 apartments. The 1st and 2nd floors are commercial center and shopping center. From the 3rd floor to 35th floor are the apartment block Apartments here have a variety of different areas and styles serving every need of all customers.

Different kinds of apartment have different areas:

- 02 bedroom apartment: 88.3sqm to 133.8sqm

- 02 bedroom apartment + 01 multifunctional room: 145.2sqm, 151.7sqm

- 03 bedroom apartment: 136sqm, 148sqm, 164sqm, 179.8sqm, 187.3sqm, 200.8sqm. 

R2 Apartment Building Royal City


R2 Apartment Building Royal City by night




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