R4 Apartment - Vinhomes Royal City 

Apartments in R4 building - Vinhomes Royal City are designed with many multiple areas ranging from 93sqm to 137.6sqm. Each floor includes 26 different apartments and each apartment often has from 02 to 03 bedrooms with reasonable interior layout, airy living space and various designs. Living here, residents will enjoy a totally new life with plenty of high-class services for upper class.

R4 building is located at the south of Vinhomes Royal City apartment project and designed in the L shape. The building has total of 35 floors with 02 staircases and 14 high- speed lifts. It is a perfect and harmonious combination between ancient Royal architecture and modern European design with a range of modern and luxury furniture and equipment providing customers with more choices in renting the most suitable apartment for their own. 


R4 Apartment Building Royal City


R4 Apartment Building Royal City by night



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