R6 Apartment - Vinhomes Royal City 

R6 building is located in one of the most beautiful places in the Vinhomes Royal City apartment complex, right at the main entrance gate of the project. The building is designed in I shape. R6 building is constructed with 17 floors, 08 elevators and 02 staircases serving for traveling needs of residents. Each apartment has from 02 to 03 bedrooms. All of them are full of natural light and fresh air. Besides that, all modern and luxury furniture and equipment in the apartments are decorated and arranged meticulously and skillfully according to European Royal architecture creating the most convenience and comfort for each family here.

Main areas: 93.2sqm, 94.8sqm, 114.3sqm, 151.1sqm, 115.2sqm, 128.5sqm, 131.1sqm, 134.1sqm, 162.2sqm.

R6 Apartment Building Royal City by night


R6 Apartment Building Royal City




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